Miss Comedy Queen –Promoter FAQ’s

Q: What is the total cost of a Miss Comedy Queen Preliminary Pageant?  
A: Your total required expenses are $500, plus you are responsible for hotel and travel arrangements for the reigning national titleholder.

Q: What are my financial obligations?  
A: Included in the $500 is: The 2 required entry fees ($150 each) for the winner and first alternate from your preliminary contest to compete at the National Miss Comedy Queen Pageant (to be paid to Loc Robertson upon the completion of your promoter agreement. This portion must be paid before you can schedule your pageant date) and the required $200 fee for the reigning national titleholder to be present and oversee your mandatory contestant registration and meeting, perform up to three numbers at your preliminary pageant and to help motivate contestants and promote your preliminary. This fee is due the night of your pageant.

Q: Can I send more than 2 contestants to the National Pageant?  
A: No. In an effort to have a larger contestant pool for other preliminary pageant promoters, only the winner and first alternate of your preliminary are eligible to compete at the National Miss Comedy Queen Pageant. The board of directors does however, have the right to appoint “wild card” contestant(s) to compete at the National Pageant provided that they have entered a minimum of two preliminary pageants without qualifying to compete at the national contest.  

Q: Can I appoint a representative my first year?  
A: Yes!  You may appoint a representative for a total of $350 your first year only providing you sign a contract and agree to hold a preliminary the following year.  The $350 includes a $150 entry fee and the $200 fee for the national titleholder.

Q: Who determines the prize monies, special entertainment, and awards for my pageant?  
A: Prize package (including but not limited to hotel and travel for the national contest), entertainment and awards are entirely up to you. We do encourage that whatever prize package you provide is thoroughly explained to all contestants and is given to them in writing at your contestant registration meeting.  

Q: Is there a certain crown that I have to use for my pageant?  
A: No. You can use any crown that you choose.

Q: How long is my obligation if I hold a preliminary pageant?  
A: You are only obligated from the time you sign the preliminary paperwork to the end of the final night of competition at the National Miss Comedy Queen Pageant. After that, it is entirely up to you whether or not you decide to renew.  

Q: Can I attend the National Pageant?  
A: Yes! All promoters get 2 complimentary passes to both nights of the national contest.

Q: What do I do if I have questions on anything related to the pageant?  
A: Any questions you have may be answered in the following pages or on our website www.ANRTickets.com, but always feel free to call us! We are here 24/7 to ensure that this process runs as smooth as possible for you