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Who We Are and How We Started...

ANR Productions was created in 2005 by April Fresh and Roseanne DeShanaro because they wanted to bring a comedy pageant for female impersonators to a  larger audience.  The first Miss Comedy Queen pageant was held in August of 2005 in Orlando and has grown exponentially over the  years into one of the biggest and most popular drag pageants for queens who are looking for an outlet to express their humor and creativity.  Miss Comedy Queen continues to grow with the addition of preliminary pageants that are held all across the country!

They also held Miss Large and Lovely from 2007-2019 which was a pageant celebrating the beauty and talents of the plus-sized female impersonator.

In 2010, Addison Taylor was asked to help with the administrative duties for both pageants after Roseanne moved out of state and is now the co-owner of the business with Loc (April Fresh).  She is the point of contact for all new preliminaries, the national contestant liaison, and webmaster for our site.  On pageant days, she is the point of contact from contestant registration to crowning.

All information on this page and the pages contained herein is the sole property of Addison Taylor and  ANR Productions.  No part of the text may be copied or duplicated (including electronically) without the express written permission of Addison Taylor.  All photos, logos and text are protected by copyright law.

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ANR Productions co-owner Addison Taylor, National Miss Comedy Queen 2022 Mr Ms Adrien, National Miss Comedy Queen 2023 Patty BouRey, ANR Productions co-owner Loc Robertson