Mister Comedy Queen 2016

Mister Comedy Queen 2019

Jennica McCleary
Miss Lady Comedy Queen 2019

Kash Monet

Mister Comedy Queen 2015

Franqui Starz

Mister Comedy Queen 2018

Mister and Miss Lady Comedy Queen are charity pageants that were originally intended to be a one time fundraiser for the Barber Fund but due to their popularity and success, we have decided to make them annual events!

Contestants for Mister may be cisgender male or male impersonators and contestants for Miss Lady may be cisgender female or post-op transsexual.  Contestants are judged in Outrageous Evening Wear, Comedic Talent and our "Extra Credit" category (either unconventional Q & A, Tell Us A Joke, or Spelling Bee).  The pageant is hosted by the reigning National Miss Comedy Queen and the judge's panel is comprised of former National Miss Comedy Queen titleholders.

While Mister and Miss Lady Comedy Queen does not come with a cash prize, they will receive a crown and bragging rights for the next 365 days and also gets to be included in all of our Miss Comedy Queen activities.  Every single dollar that is raised from contestant entry fees, to tips and door admission is donated to the Barber Fund.

At this time, we do not offer preliminaries for Mister or Miss Lady Comedy Queen. 

It is an open contest open to anyone who is interested with no residency requirements.

Rob Ward
Mister Comedy Queen 2017

Pistol Mercy

Miss Lady Comedy Queen 2018