1.    Contestants must be at least 18 years of age and be able to show proof of age.

 2.    Judging will be based on a total accumulated points system with high and low scores being dropped.  ANR Productions will furnish score sheets.  In the event of a category tie, high and low scores will be counted for the parties involved.  In the event of a placement tie, the highest talent score will break the tie.  Pageant scoring will be done on a cumulative basis.

 3.    Contestants of the National Miss Comedy Queen Pageant will be judged in the following five (5) categories: Interview, Presentation, Comedic Talent, Outrageous Evening Gown and 60 Second Spokeswoman.

 4.    The use or dispensing of any drugs will not be tolerated while participating in an ANR Productions Pageant.  Immediate disqualification will result for those who don’t adhere to this rule.  If usage is detected, it will result in disqualification.

 5.    Contestants are responsible for their backstage helper and dancers.  Only one helper will be admitted backstage in the dressing room with the contestant.  Everyone will be required to pay the full admission fee.

 6.    Any type of talent is acceptable, except for those that are illegal or that may cause personal injury to contestants, audience or judges.  No fire, food, powder, water or glitter in excess will be tolerated.  Failure to adhere to this rule may result in deduction of administrative points.

 7.    Presentation is limited to two (2) minutes, each contestant must introduce themselves on the microphone giving their name, contestant number and preliminary.  There is no setup or prep time allowed for this category.  No props other than handheld are allowed. Talent is limited to five (5) minutes.  No score will be given in the talent category for any presentation over the above mentioned limit.  All music should be on a USB drive labeled with your name.  Each track should be labeled (example: "Name- Prelim Night Talent")  Prop set up and break down time will be limited to a total of three (3) minutes and will not be included in the five (5) minute limit.
        a.    Contestants may furnish their own music for all categories.  There should be one USB drive labeled with your name.  All music is to be turned in at contestant registration.

 8.    Any contestant, contestant’s helper or dancer(s) who is caught in the act of stealing, intentional destruction or tampering with another person’s possessions will be immediately disqualified and will result in the removal from the contest and venue.  This may also result in legal action.

 9.    Once a contestant has qualified to enter the National Miss Comedy Queen Pageant, they may not enter any other pageant to the same pageant in the same year. There are NO exceptions to this rule!
          a.    Any contestant that qualifies to compete and does not show up at the national pageant will be placed on  a ban list and will not be able to compete, judge or attend any Miss Comedy Queen pageant or preliminary until there is written confirmation form the promoter that all prize monies plus their entry fee to the national pageant have been paid back.

 10.    The winner of tonight’s pageant will be required to sign a contract for the year of her reign before any prize monies are presented.  Please make yourself familiar with the TERMS and CONDITIONS of this CONTRACT.

 11.    Any contestant whose actions are interpreted as demeaning or belittling to ANR Productions or the Miss Comedy Queen Pageant or its titleholders will be disqualified.  ANR Productions reserves the right to make any decision concerning any matter that may or may not be covered by these Rules and Regulations.