The Presentation theme for all prelims is ATHLETIC SUPPORTER: YAY, SPORTS!

Contestants will have 2 minutes to present themselves any way they would like that utilizes the theme.

Miss Ohio Comedy Queen
Cleveland, Ohio
Promoted by:
Dennis Baker

Miss Memphis Belle Comedy Queen
Memphis, Tennessee
Promoted by:
Charles Tinsley

Miss Yellow Rose Comedy Queen
Dallas, Texas
Promoted by:
Franklin Gentry

Miss Southeast Comedy Queen
Orlando, Florida
Promoted by:
Brittani Acuff

Miss Big Adam's Apple Comedy Queen
New York City, New York
Promoted by:
Kari Kerning

Miss Virginia is for Laughter Comedy Queen
Norfolk, Virginia
Promoted by:
Maria Rose and Patty Pruitt

Miss Gulf Coast Comedy Queen
Largo, Florida
Promoted By:
Vincent and Aaron Bailey-Santamarina

Miss Heart of Oklahoma Comedy Queen
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Promoted by: 
Crystal Heitzenroder and Bryan Storm

Miss Windy City Comedy Queen
Chicago, Illinois
Promoted by:
Tori Sass and Brett Michael Seibert

Miss North Carolina Comedy Queen
Greensboro, North Carolina
Promoted by:
Cid Perry

Miss Almost Alabama Regional Comedy Queen
Pensacola, Florida
Promoted by:
Dee Ranged and Paul Dye

Miss Texas Comedy Queen
Houston, Texas
Promoted by: 
Lynn Adonis Blake

Miss Oklahoma Comedy Queen
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Promoted by:
Sam Iris

Miss Magic City Comedy Queen
Birmingham, Alabama
Promoted by:
Flap Jack  and Fawn

Miss New Orleans Comedy Queen
New Orleans, Louisiana
Promoted by:
Tora Himan and Michael Sullivan

Miss Chicago Comedy Queen
Chicago, Illinois
Promoted by:
Austin Hendricks

Miss St. Louis Arch That Back Comedy Queen
St. Louis, Missouri
Promoted by:
Jaxon Brinsfield and Thomas Patterson

Miss Great Lakes Comedy Queen
Buffalo, New York
Promoted by:
Jayme Coxx and Jimmy Ehrig

Miss Mile High Comedy Queen
Denver, Colorado
Promoted by:
Mike Murray

Miss Wildcard Comedy Queen

Promoted by: ANR Productions
The Board of Directors may appoint a contestant who does not qualify after doing two (2) or more preliminary pageants to represent Miss Wildcard Comedy Queen at the National contest.