The Presentation theme for all preliminaries is "Gooder Than Grits: A Country Hoedown". 

Miss Great Lakes Comedy Queen
Sunday, November 5 | Club Marcella
Buffalo, New York
Promoted by: Jayme Coxx

Miss Bible Belt Comedy Queen

Tuesday, February 13 | Southern Nights
Tampa, Florida
Promoted by: Anita Waistline

Miss Oklahoma Comedy Queen
Saturday, March 3 | Bamboo Lounge
Tulsa, Oklahoma
Promoted by: Darrell Napier

Miss Gulf Coast Comedy Queen
Sunday, March 25 | Quench Lounge
St. Petersburg, Florida
Vincent Santamarina and Aaron Bailey

Miss Space Coast Comedy Queen
Sunday, April 8 | Colors Restaurant and Lounge
Melbourne, Florida
Promoted by: Jenna Ramsey

Miss Darkside Comedy Queen
Wednesday, April 18 | Southern Nights Orlando
Orlando, Florida
Promoted by: Jaxson Magrogan

Miss #IThinkI'mFunny Comedy Queen
Saturday, May 5 | Leeds Center For the Arts
Winchester, Kentucky
Promoted by: Clay Wahlsmith and Naomi Wynters

Miss Midwest Comedy Queen
Saturday, May 12 | Masque
Dayton, Ohio
Promoted by:Cody Kincaid

Miss Buckeye Comedy Queen
Sunday, June 10 | Axis
Columbus, Ohio
Promoted by: David Robins

Miss Tri-States Comedy Queen
Sunday, June 24 | McCune's Other Side Bistro & Bar
Toledo, Ohio
Promoted by: LJ Seabolt

Miss Last Chance Comedy Queen

Sunday, July 1 | Quench Lounge

St. Petersburg, Florida
Promoted by: Vincent Santamarina and Aaron Bailey

Miss Northeast Comedy Queen

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

Promoted by: Matt Thomas and Fanci Dismount

Miss Citrus State Comedy Queen

Orlando, Florida
Promoted by: Brittani Acuff

Miss Meat Packing Comedy Queen

New York, New York

Promoted by: Roxy Brooks

Miss South Florida Comedy Queen

Melbourne, Florida
Promoted by: Adrianna Evans

Miss Texas Comedy Queen

Dallas, Texas

Promoted by: Brian Pitzer

Miss Missouri Comedy Queen

Columbia, Missouri
Promoted by: Greg Stratton and Shaliza Teez

Miss Wildcard Comedy Queen
Promoted by: ANR Productions
The Board of Directors may appoint a contestant who does not qualify after doing two (2) or more preliminary pageants to represent Miss Wildcard Comedy Queen at the National contest.