Interview – Contestants will meet individually with the judges in a casual, come as you are setting for a total of five (5) minutes.  Absolutely no part of the score is based on how the contestant appears, therefore you do not have to be in drag or dressed in a suit unless you choose to do so.  Be comfortable, but keep in mind that this is a job interview.  Questions will not be political in nature.  Contestants will be judged on their personality, interview content and confidence during the interview.  It is not necessary to be funny in this category!  This is the "business" portion of the pageant.  We are looking for someone who we feel will handle any administrative duties with professionalism.  You should have some knowledge on the Miss Comedy Queen system.
10 Confidence/Body Language/Personality (Is the contestant comfortable speaking in front of a group? 20 Content (Did they fully answer the questions asked?)

– Each contestant will present themselves to the audience and judges in the selected theme.  There is a two (2) minute limit, each contestant must introduce themselves on the microphone giving their name, contestant number and preliminary.  There is no setup or prep time allowed for this category.  No props other than handheld are allowed.  Contestants will provide their own music for this category and can either lip sync, or model with their costume.  Contestants will be judged on creativity, comedic value, execution, speaking ability, music selection, and overall effectiveness of presentation and introduction. Show us Your Best!
10 Creativity of Presentation, 10 Comedic Value of Presentation, 10 Execution of Presentation/Ability to Speak on Microphone

Talent -
Each contestant will be judged in a Talent selection of their choice. It may be of any type that will not put themselves or the audience in danger. No Excessive Glitter, Powder, Food, No Fire, and No Water may be used in this category. The actual talent is limited to five (5). There is a three (3) minute limit total set-up and tear down time if needed for props or preparation. Administrative points will be deducted for time infractions. DO NOT GO OVER THE TIME LIMIT! Contestants will be judged on Talent Ability (Lip Sync, Dance, Live Vocal, Etc.) Comedic/Entertainment Value, Costuming & Makeup, Sound Quality, and effectiveness of props and dancers if used. Remember, if you put props and or dancers on stage with you, they will be judged as well!
20 Comedic Value of Talent ... Was it funny? 20 Quality (lip synch/live vocal/medium of talent used), 10 Technical (costuming/dancers/props/use of stage, etc.)

Outrageous Evening Gown
– Each contestant will be judged one at a time in a full-length outrageous evening gown. It may be made of any materials, color, style, and fashion that the contestant chooses.  This should not be a costume!  Contestants will be judged on gown selection, fit, hair, makeup, accessories, modeling ability, and general appearance. Contestants may provide their own music for this category that is at least 60 seconds, but no longer than 2 minutes including any prep time.
10 Outrageousness/Creativity of Gown (This does not have to be funny!), 10 Technicality of Gown ... Proper Fit, and Proper use of hair and accessories, 10 Modeling and Presentation (staging, gimmick, theme, etc.)

The 60 Second Spokeswoman
– Each contestant will be given a bag/box with a random item inside it.  They will formulate a sales pitch and try to convince the audience and judges panel to buy the item within 60 seconds.  They will be judged on humor, ability to clearly speak on the microphone and whether or not they can make a convincing sales pitch. 
20 POINTS: 10 Was it funny? 5 Did they speak clearly and could you understand them on the microphone? 5 Did the contestant use all of the time given?