Monica Moore, Number 11 Comedy Queen

Maravllosa Placer, Miss Rich Port Comedy Queen

Debbie, Miss Ohio Comedy Queen

Zoey Zegai, Miss Ohio Comedy Queen 1st Alternate

Rita Tarot, Miss Chicago Comedy Queen Emeritus

Hunny Blunt, Miss Memphis Belle Comedy Queen

Mary Jane Gagdeline, Miss Memphis Belle Comedy Queen 1st Alternate

Yakisoba Zay Michaels, Miss Yellow Rose Comedy Queen
Cherry Poppins, Miss Yellow Rose Comedy Queen 1st Alternate

Holly Box-Springs, Previous Top 5 Finalist

Myki Meeks, Previous Top 5 Finalist

Annie Biotixx, Wildcard Comedy Queen Representative

Jordan Jayro, Wildcard Comedy Queen Representative

More coming soon!  Check back later!

*The Board of Directors may appoint a contestant who does not qualify after doing two (2) or more preliminary pageants to represent Miss Wildcard Comedy Queen at the National contest.

Qualified Contestants